The Future of Work is Here

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Kelly has been focusing on the Future of Work and the intersection of talent and technology for over 25 years. The future of work requires that we re-imagine our role in this future, understand how managers and leaders can operate in the workplace differently, and what we need to do to keep up with how fast the world and work is evolving. 

What makes Kelly different from others who talk about the Future of Work?  Kelly doesn’t just talk about the future of work; she’s actually been at the leading edge of innovation for some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley as part of her job at companies like Sun, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Degreed.  

Whether it’s a keynote where you can interact and get specific actions to take back to your job or a workshop to create a strategy, Kelly can help you put actionable plans together so that you can actually do something different. 

Learn more about how you can partner with Kelly on culture, skills, learning, talent marketplace, remote work, technology, and more:

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